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Rosie Jokes

For the holiday season it's Rosie O'Donnell v. Donald Trump. *Update* And for 2007! HEY everyone now knows that Rosie O'Donnell likes to promote herself by making biting jokes about others. In 2006 she tried racial Asian jokes, homophobia outing Clay Aiken, and Miss USA – Donald Trump. But one thing that's crystal clear to anyone bothering to listen to her: as they say on the elementary school playground, she can dish it out, but can't take it. So how about a few stupid Rosie jokes to lighten things up a bit? After all turnabout is fair play! We'll do it without resorting to any fat or gender jokes, which we don't like ... today. Here's one from Rosie herself, paraphrased: Am I scared Donald Trump will sue me for libel? No he can't pay his lawyer because he'll be bankrupt. Huh? Q-What did Donald Trump say to Rosie? A- Nothing, he didn ’t care. Q – What did Clay Aiken say to Rosie after she outed him? A – I’ll out you back …. Oh, you

New Years Jokes

What are some New Year’s resolutions that won’t work? Lose 30 pounds Don’t watch TV Don’t surf the Internet at work Stay focused Jump off a cliff What are some New Year’s resolutions that will work? Gain 30 pounds Watch TV Surf the Internet at work Don’t stay focused Don't Jump off a cliff Will Rosie O'Donnell wish Donald Trump a happy new year? No, No, No, she doesn't like him... Will Donald Trump wish Rosie O'Donnell a happy new year? First, he'd never run into her; Second, if he did, sure he doesn't care. What did Santa do for New Years? Watch Football What did Rudolph do for New Years? Turn his nose red.

James Baker Joke and Parody

Previously we parodied Baker's Iraq Study Group - now everyone wants in on the fun! Come on in - Follow this link to the hilarious parody video attributed to James Zucker: " David Zucker Iraq Study Group AD ". This is a hugely popular James Baker parody video moving at cyber-speed through the Internet - over 170,000 hits on YouTube alone. Such trendsetters are the Just Jokes and Humor bloggers! UPDATE: Now 300,000 hits on YouTube alone!

College Jokes

College Jokes 1 We have been wondering what the most searched for college jokes topics are. So after not terribly intensive scientific research, we have come up with the following as the top most popular college joke topics. Notice the "1" on the title: If your favorite joke topic isn't listed, we'll be doing other posts to fill out the lists. USC Jokes Michigan Jokes Ohio State Jokes Texas Jokes Oklahoma Jokes Florida Jokes Florida State Jokes LSU Jokes Aggie Jokes Alabama Jokes Auburn Jokes

College Jokes 2

Here is a second list of popular college jokes topics. Tennessee Jokes Nebraska Jokes UCLA Jokes Michigan State Jokes Georgia Jokes Georgia Tech Jokes Miami Jokes Wisconsin Jokes Arkansas Jokes Notre Dame Jokes

College Jokes 3

Here are some more good College Jokes Topics: Illinois Jokes Purdue Jokes Indiana Jokes Colorado Jokes Washington Jokes Penn State Jokes Mississippi Jokes , Ole Miss Jokes North Carolina Jokes Virginia Tech Jokes California Jokes Kentucky Jokes

College Jokes 4

Let's add a few more to the college jokes list: Syracuse Jokes Oregon Jokes Oregon State Jokes Missouri Jokes Kansas Jokes Kansas State Jokes Duke Jokes South Carolina Jokes Virginia Jokes Maryland Jokes

Borat Jokes

Make Borat Jokes - Borat is an ambiguous character, if ever there was one. On the one hand he's racist on the surface. But is he really racist or a racist exposer? I think Baron Sascha Cohen the actor who energetically created the awkward Borat character thinks Borat exposes his victims, whether they be bigots, anti-women or whatever. But in taking the joke to the extreme does Borat address or exacerbate the problem Sascha Cohen says he addresses? Whatever ... Says the jokes blogger! Make all the borat jokes you want. Turnabout ... Yeah baby. Here's a good page to find some jokes or news on Borat: Borat Page .

Clean Jokes

Clean jokes are the fashion these days. You can use them for any occasion - parties, dates, school, the office and holiday parties. Here are a few clean jokes that have lightened up my day: What's the difference between a teacher and a train? The teacher tells the student to spit the gum out and the train says "chew chew"! What does a snail say when it goes for a ride on a turtles back?Wheeeeee! A snail goes to the bartender, and orders a beer. the bartender flicks him off of the bar. Three weeks later the snail comes back and says "what did you do that for?" Did you hear the joke about the change machine? Yeah, but I couldn't get any sense out of it. A circus owner walked into a bar to see everyone crowded about a table. On the table was an upside-down pot and a duck tap dancing on it. The circus owner was so impressed that he offered to buy the duck on the spot. After negotiating back and forth they settled for 20 gold nuggets for the duck and i

Judith Regan Jokes

Here are a few Judith Regan jokes. Also OJ jokes. Judith Regan is the book publisher who set up the $3,000,000 deal for OJ to write his confession book. Q - What does Judith Regan and her client OJ Simpson have in common? A – They love to cut and slash. News flash: Judith Regan claims she was stabbed in her back before being fired… Does she mean OJ or her boss? Q - How does Judith Regan know she was stabbed in her back? A- Takes one to know one.

Iraq Study Group Joke

The Iraq Study Group is the commission made up of 5 donkeys and 5 elephants to figure out a way to victory in Iraq. Little known to the entire world, except an elite circle of bloggers is the most crucial interaction that happened in the men's room at the afternoon break of the first meeting of this esteemed commission. Co-Chairmen James Baker and Lee Hamilton were there, and were heard only here: Baker: Hey Lee, why don't we just surrender in Iraq. Hamilton: Huh? Baker: Yeah it will make writing the report easier. Hamilton: But the President said we have to write at least 300 pages or we don't get an "A". Baker: Don't worry. I'm good at the spin. Just say we reached consensus over months of hard work. To hammer the point home, Baker whipped out a knock-knock joke from his vast repertoire. Baker: Knock-knock Hamilton: Who's There. Baker: Winged victory. Hamilton: Uh winged victory who? Baker: Who cares about victory, just c

Jokes, Satire and Humor

Why did the Chicken cross the road? To get on the internet. Knock Knock Who's There Just Just who? Just Joking! What's in a pop tart three-pack? Lindsay, Britney and Paris. Tons more in a big humor site I like in , including college jokes! celebrities! Chuck Norris! funny jokes! parody! satire! nnnnnnnnnhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmph.