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More Rosie O'Donnell Jokes

Sheesh just when we thought we got rid of her, she's baaaaaaaaaack. We're all so surprised ... not. Well now after getting her sour PR stunts shoved back by Trump, now Rosie went looking for a softer target - Paula Abdul and American Idol. Now we're not great AI fans, but hey, Rosie gave us fodder for more bad Rosie jokes. More Rosie jokes in our earlier post.

Hey Paula Abdul, what do you think of Rosie's comments?
What did you say?

What did you think of Rosie's blast on you?
I was trying to be polite, she's irrelevant.

But Rosie doesn't like your American Idol show.
Nobody cares, her's is going down fast.

What did Donald Trump think?
She's looking for a softer target.

Is any one surprised Rosie is muck raking again?
Not really. She is promoting ABC to knock down their competition The Apprentice and American Idol.

Updated Now Rosie has a new target: Oprah. Yippeee.

So, Rosie reportedly has made degrading jokes on Paula Abdul, Donald Trump, Oprah, Chinese, American Idol. Who else does Rosie hate? .... YOU. Lol. Yippeeee.

Who does Rosie like? Dunno, maybe Barbara Walters, as long as she reads from the cue cards.

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