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Hillary Clinton Jokes

Hillary Jokes
Hillary Clinton Jokes - Read from Right to Left


Following on the equal humor tradition of the Just Jokes and Humor blog we’ve had Obama Jokes, and now for some Hillary Jokes … that’s Hillary Clinton Jokes for the uninitiated! The first question is obvious … Hillary Jokes? What in the world are Hillary jokes? After all, Hillary Clinton is said to have had her funny bone removed. Ta dum. Not exactly a political jokes or political humor magnate. Uh oh, she’s taking names now!
Hillary Clinton Jokes Photo
As with Senator Obama, the late night talk shows have no shortage of Hillary Clinton jokes. Here is one from David Letterman:

"Hillary Clinton is the junior senator from the great state of New York. When they swore her in, she used the Clinton family Bible. You know, the one with only seven commandments.”

A daytime Hillary Clinton Jokes interlude:

Q. What’s the difference between Hillary Clinton and Pinocchio?
A. One’s a puppet? Good guess, but nope. With Pinocchio you can see when he’s lying.

Back to late night jokes, with a Hillary joke from Jay Leno:

"Hillary Clinton's campaign wants Barack Obama to publicly renounce Hollywood producer David Geffen's statement attacking the Clintons. ... Geffen said, I know everyone in politics has to lie, but the Clintons do it with such ease, it's troubling. I think that's an unfair statement. Just because you're really good at something doesn't mean it's easy."

Uh oh ... Hillary Clinton touched the third rail of American politics, race. Having done so, she opened herself up to political Hillary jokes about her use of race due to her primary hyperbole against Barrack Obama, after all it was said her main strategy was to use race as a wedge issue scaring the white Democratic party voters. Not a joke, but an un-funny variation on the old racial stereotype that a black person lacks experience and substance and therefore cannot possibly be a leader, like a quarterback. The NFL proved that joke wrong (so did the Fox TV show 24), but un-funny Hillary Clinton joke is that it worked as her share of the white vote skyrocketed after Iowa.

Ok, let's lighten it up with some more bad Hillary Jokes on this theme:

Q. What did Hillary Clinton say to the civil rights marchers?
A. Don’t bother, it was already done by Lyndon Johnson.

Q. What did Hillary Clinton say to the two women who were passing by, one black and one white?
A. Hi ya’all, I have always supported civil rights, I am so energized to see you are integrated ... let's do lunch sometime ... see ya, bye.

Don't worry though the political humor pendulum will swing back left for sure.

Laying aside political jokes and Hillary jokes ... we love Hillary Clinton. How could you not love her? She was the wife of a President, got elected Senator from her home state of Arkansas where she was a law partner at the Rose Law firm … uh we mean her home state of Illinois … uh we mean her other home state of New York. Wow, with that geography, Hillary's home states provide enough electoral votes to make her President.

Jumping on the not really Hillary jokes bandwagon, Hillary Clinton did an interview with ABC's Cynthia McFadden:

McFadden: "Can you control him?" referring to husband Bill Clinton of Monica Lewinsky fame.
Hillary Clinton: "Oh of course".

Uh Hillary, better stick to comedy.

On with some more Hillary Jokes, with some more late night Hillary Clinton Jokes from Jay:

"According to the New York Post, Hillary Clinton used three private jets in a single day in a campaign swing through South Carolina. And today, she was officially named a Hollywood environmentalist."

"Hillary said today that she knew nothing about her brother's involvement (in Clinton's pardons). I believe her. This woman didn't even know who her husband was having sex with. How is she going to know what her brother is doing? Six months ago, she just suddenly found out she lived in New York!"

"Last week, it got a little dramatic. Senator Hillary Clinton called General Petraeus a liar. And believe this, if there's one thing she knows, it's how to spot a guy who's lying."

* Updates *

Saturday Night Live also jumped on the Hillary Clinton Jokes bandwagon, with a spoof of a joking, satire of a TV campaign speech by a Hillary Clinton impersonator:

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