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Iraq Study Group Joke

The Iraq Study Group is the commission made up of 5 donkeys and 5 elephants to figure out a way to victory in Iraq. Little known to the entire world, except an elite circle of bloggers is the most crucial interaction that happened in the men's room at the afternoon break of the first meeting of this esteemed commission. Co-Chairmen James Baker and Lee Hamilton were there, and were heard only here:

Baker: Hey Lee, why don't we just surrender in Iraq.
Hamilton: Huh?
Baker: Yeah it will make writing the report easier.
Hamilton: But the President said we have to write at least 300 pages or we don't get an "A".
Baker: Don't worry. I'm good at the spin. Just say we reached consensus over months of hard work.

To hammer the point home, Baker whipped out a knock-knock joke from his vast repertoire.

Baker: Knock-knock
Hamilton: Who's There.
Baker: Winged victory.
Hamilton: Uh winged victory who?
Baker: Who cares about victory, just call it consensus and they won't know the difference.


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